Personalised gifts not found on the high street – bespoke presents made for you


Personalised gifts: I create personalised gifts that are completely unique to you that cannot be found on the high street. If you have an idea of a personalised birthday present, unique valentines day gift, or a personalised gift for any other occasion, i’m here to make it a reality.

Have you ever had the perfect personalised present idea but it’s something that’s not on the internet? Using my skills in hand drawn illustration, painting, calligraphy and graphic design; I create personalised designs for your unique gifts, and then arrange for the designs to be printed or transfered onto anything of your choice.

Unlike websites like, these gifts are 100% unique to you. From the unique hand drawn designs to the choices of material, everything is personalised for you. So if you have an idea, I can bring it to reality.

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Here’s a few personalised gift ideas:

  • Makeup bags with a personalised design or a hand drawn portrait of the birthday girl.
  • Personalised presents for bridesmaids.
  • Birthday presents for children, amaze them with bespoke drawings of themselves or the things they love.
  • Personalised coasters to use as presents or creative invitations.
  • An idea you’ve seen in a high street store but that you wish was just a little different.
  • Personalised candles for birthdays or Mother’s day presents.

Those are just some gift ideas but please get in touch with any of your own unique gift ideas and I will chat to you about how we can make them a reality.

Materials: I create the hand drawn, hand painted, or graphic design elements of your personalised gift. Then, we will discuss the type of paper or material and what other accessories you require. I then research the best and most price-effective companies that meet your needs and arrange all the printing, transfer or engraving service for you.


Because each gift is so unique, pricing depends on your request. However, for most personalised gifts, I charge a design fee between £40 and £100.

I then research different printing or product design companies that can print the design to life. This could cost anything from £15 (for something like a customised coaster) to £100+ (for something more advanced, such as a personalised dress). I never charge any extra for the printing and making, so if you have found a company you wish to manufacture your gift, but need a design, I will use your recommended company.

Please get in touch with any specific personalised gift requests and we can talk about how to bring them to life.

Yours, Marie

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